About us

We make the world of technology simple, so your business can run smoother and achieve more.

We always start with Why

Why should technology or solutions be difficult? Our answer is it shouldn’t be. Technology should be a range of tools to enhance your business in a way that lets you communicate, run things smoother and develop easier and that much more. We are passionate about helping businesses and with the right teams, collaboration and technology, so much more can happen.

The Drive

We help organisations use technology to drive growth and development, overcoming any challenges, enhancing risk opportunities and delivering value. Our view point is to keep technology simple but move your business forward.

The Vision

To make technology simple to understand, accessible and to use it to improve a business’ communication so it can achieve its goals.

The History

ExoLogic started life to just provide IT equipment in 2013. In 2015 ExoLogic was founded by Anthony Jorge who had a focus to changing solution delivery and how managed service provisioning is delivered differently. ExoLogic work with trusted partners to complement solutions that organisations needed. We are qualified PRINCE2 project managers and ITIL accredited. We have grown gradually and steadily provided managed service solutions that have proven, when implemented strategically and correctly, provided the organisation’s needs were met or even exceeded expectation. ExoLogic’s approach is that we “look from the outside” and stick to a core set of principles and values. We are happy when our clients are happy and we won’t stop until we have achieved that!