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Our Solutions

On or Off Premise

Deploying solutions for your organisation can be complicated. ExoLogic looks to help simplify this process by integrating hardware and software solutions, where we can create solutions that you want to manage on or off your site. Deploying solutions sometimes require extra resources and time. ExoLogic have a single approach to this: you choose. By delivering on this premise we deliver the custom service and experience your organisation deserves. Sharing our expertise and knowledge in technology we ensure you can make an informed decision that empowers your business.

Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Application Management

Asset Management

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Data Centre

At ExoLogic we go out of our way to ease and simplify the process from beginning to end. By selecting core infrastructure components means we can create the complete solution be either utilising on and off premise technologies. We only use secure UK data centres to provide these solutions, especially for the protection of your business data. We also use proven hardware or software technologies for example such as HP, VMWare and Microfocus. Combining such technologies results in efficient compute, virtualisation, networking, storage, identity management and software deployment in a neat solution from design to implementation. ExoLogic prides itself on delivering value in the solutions it designs for its customers.




Our Solutions

Communication & Collaboration

Working together, people can achieve some pretty amazing things. Constant evolvement of technology means we can all work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Communication and collaboration are very much at the inner workings of today’s business environments. As collaboration technology keeps developing, new ideas evolve to challenge traditional operating ways. We can help you make your ideas happen with technologies to ensure your organisation can make it ever easier to communicate anywhere, anytime. Communication and collaboration tools should let you communicate effortlessly with your customers, teams and colleagues, bringing everyone closer together in your business. That's why our collaborative solutions are designed to offer much more than technical infrastructure. They're transformational experiences that unite people, processes and technology.

Data Sharing

Instant Messaging


Our Solutions


At ExoLogic, we passionately believe technology in organisations of all sizes is not just the technology, but how it’s used. By doing this more efficiently, it can empower people in the organisation to do things bigger and better. We always go out of our way to innovate solutions for customers to reach a new level of potential in their business. We do this by finding ways to reduce time to deliver services, increase return of investments and improve resource management to manage your IT infrastructure. After all, the simpler IT is to manage, the more time you can dedicate to serving your own customers and growing your business or educational development.

Infrastructure As A Service

Software As A Service

Backup & Disaster Recovery